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Monday, February 12, 2018

Team India Won the First BRICS Culture Quiz in Durban-South Africa

The first Brics culture quiz held from 2nd to 6th February 2018 in Durban mainly wit one knock out round happening in Cape town and it was an event including the participation of visually impaired candidates from 10 countries. It was a great experience for the visually impaired team of India which was represented by Saurabh Pant ( captain and Quizzer on his best) and in this way the experience of standards also upgraded to a better level as the team from these 10 countries faced on various round in which the first one was digital, the second one being the Braille type round and the last knock out round had to be the Mike on round in which the participation was a phenomenal one and so the impact of those who participated in the tournament indeed.

This quiz tournament was organise with the support of the South Africa association of Cultural Group and the South African Quiz federation with support of the other federation of Quiz supported by the all Brics countries and at the end of the day it was a great experience not only in quiz but as a whole organised move. The teams did have great joy with tours to local natural attraction and cultural places being added and the tourism groups also felicitated with great food services, nice stay to offer and also the great cultural hospitality by understanding Blind community in forming the recognition which was the key incentive at first.

However after all the rounds done to the accuracy level and the results being formed, The Indian team came out victorious in the leadership of two good leaders with other quizzers following the chase.

Saurabh Pant led the quiz well with the support of vice captain Nandi Amolkar Shrivastav and both were not only the lasting spheres and Kartike, Shailesh and Anvesha who were the other three quizzers came to the party and chipped in occasionally to make the move unique. India defeated the other 3 final opponents with margins of around 250 points and at the end it was a great experience for all of them as being blind and it is a remarkable journey in South Africa by support and hospitality which is the great impact for the Brics purpose and also for community incentive by all means.

Source: BrainBuxa