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Friday, December 1, 2017

India, Russia Sign Comprehensive Counter Terror Pact

India and Russia agreed that terror should be fought unitedly and asserted that there are no good or bad terrorists as they signed a comprehensive counter terror agreement.

"Rajnath Singh, Home Minister of India is visiting Russia on 26-29 November, 2017. He met Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister for Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, during which the Ministers emphasized the strength of the relationship between India and Russia that has been consolidated in the past 70 years in all areas," the Indian Embassy in Moscow noted in a statement.

"The Ministers underlined that cooperation in the field of security is an important aspect of this bilateral relationship further strengthen cooperation to combat terrorism, extremism and radicalism. They agreed that terrorism must be fought unitedly and there were no good or bad terrorists," the statement emphasized.

The two sides also agreed to cooperate in combating new challenges, enhance exchange of information, cooperate in building a data base, and in training of police and investigative agencies.

Both sides agreed to hold the next Joint Working Group to counter terrorism between India and Russia in 2018.

An updated and more comprehensive agreement on Co-operationon Security between Ministry of Home Affairs of India and the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation was signed by the two Ministers. This agreement provides a comprehensive approach for cooperation in security related issues, including Information Technology Crimes, Counterfeiting currency, Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Trafficking in Human Beings, Economic Crimes, Crimes related to Intellectual Property, Cultural Property amongst others.

Source: The Economic Times

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