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Friday, September 1, 2017

China Issued Stamps on BRICS Summit

China Post issued a stamp set to commemorate the BRICS Summit in Xiamen of east China’s Fujian province. The stamp bears logo of the summit as well as the letters “BRICS” and “2017 China”. It also shows the scenic Gulangyu island, which was included into the UNESCO list last month, as well as other iconic sites of Xiamen like Xiamen University.

Philatelist can buy eight-stamp sheets or individual stamps. The small sheet is made of silk, with a panorama picture of Gulangyu island by a local photographer Zhu Qingfu.Price of one stamp is 1.2 yuan (about 18 cents).

The leaders of Brazil, Russis, India, China and South Africa will meet in Xiamen in early September for the 9th BRICS Summit.

Source: PhilaMirror