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Monday, July 31, 2017

Action Plan for 2017 BRICS Youth Forum Announced

The 2017 BRICS Youth Forum concluded in Beijing.

After three days of in-depth discussion and deliberation, young delegates from the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) reached a consensus and The Action Plan for the 2017 BRICS Youth Forum (The Action Plan) was announced at the last plenary session before the closing ceremony.

The Action Plan, which takes aspects such as youth policy, youth innovation and entrepreneurship, and youth participation in global governance as the main fields for BRICS youth cooperation, has proposed concrete measures to establish a center for BRICS youth research, a platform for information exchanges, a network dedicated to boost BRICS youth innovation and entrepreneurship, and a BRICS volunteer database for international communication.

"The forum strengthened the bond of youth in BRICS," said Chinese representative Kong Dewei, adding that, "much useful and practical advice has been proposed for youth policy, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as global management. Delegates from different countries have also formed solid friendships during the forum." Kong is a student from Nankai University.

Aleksandr Bolotnov, vice chairperson of National Youth Council of Russia emphasized the importance of such communication mechanisms among BRICS youth. In an interview with China.org.cn, he said, "The BRICS youth forum is a big contribution for the BRICS cooperation." He added that the forum will help consolidate the relationships of BRICS countries.

"We have learnt a lot together during these three days," Thamsanqa Zulu, manager of Mothosi Holdings in Brazil said. "I hope the vigor from the youth forum will be extended to other fields. Our South African delegation will bring back the documented agreements and make sure it will be carried out in a due manner."

The Action Plan, as an achievement of BRICS youth cooperation, will be submitted to the preparatory committee of the Ninth BRICS Summit to be held in China's Xiamen this September.

The 2017 BRICS Youth Forum hosted by the All-China Youth Federation was attended by a total of 50 young delegates from the BRICS countries.

Source: china.org.cn

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