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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Huawei to Invest 3 Million in Joint Projects with Russia in 2017

China’s Huawei plans to spend 3 million on implementation of joint projects in Russia in 2017, head of Huawei Enterprise Business Group in Russia Cao Chong said as quoted by China’s International Radio, TASS reports.

"We intend to invest at least 3 million in joint projects with Russian partners, and also to focus on developing cooperation in the regions of Russia, to hold a conference in Moscow and a series of events in seven cities of Russia," Cao Chong said.

According to him, in 2016, Huawei spent about 2 million on advanced training for its partners in Russia, certification of products and implementation of marketing strategy. Last year, the company increased the number of its Russian partners to 470 companies.

Source: TASS