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Friday, March 10, 2017

Stronger Communication Relations for South Africa, Russia

South Africa and Russia has committed to forging stronger communication relations.

The two countries have identified areas of collaboration for meaningful cooperation and exchange and further identified new opportunities for collaboration, especially in the context of the BRICS community.

They have agreed to cooperate in the exchange of content and joint production of documentaries and films.

As a precursor, SAnews Agency and Sputnik News Agency signed a memorandum of understanding on the exchange of information.

The countries have also committed to an exchange of e-skills in the areas of media literacy, animation, digital content development and digitization of media.

The two countries made the commitment this week when Communications Minister Faith Muthambi hosted the Vice-Minister of Telecom and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation, Alexey Volin, in Pretoria.

Volin and his delegation were on a three-day working visit which ended on Wednesday.

"From the areas of cooperation we have agreed on, it is clear that these two days have meaningful results which will be realised by the end of this year. A range of additional areas for future collaboration were also identified and we are committed to having a more detailed discussion in future," Minister Muthambi said.

Source: AllAfrica

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