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Friday, March 3, 2017

China to Push 'Sovereign' Internet Vision at BRICS Summit

China has released a new white paper on its cyber strategy.

China's paper underlined how many countries, such as China and Russia, are pushing the vision of "sovereign" nationally-administered and controlled cyberspace communities.

Chinese officials said that as China hosts the BRICS Summit later this year, a cyber security working group will meet to discuss "cyberspace governance".

The "International Strategy of Cooperation on Cyberspace" is China's first policy paper on its Internet strategy, which it said was "based on peace, sovereignty, shared governance and shared benefits."

The paper defined China's "strategic goals" as "safeguarding of China's sovereignty, security and development interests in cyberspace; the secure and orderly flow of information on the Internet; improved global connectivity; and maintaining of peace, security and stability in cyberspace."

Cybersecurity officials in a meeting with journalists, stressed that China believed in its "sovereignty" over how it administered the Internet.

"The Chinese Internet is fully open," said Wang Jianchao, International Cooperation Department of the Cyberspace Administration of China. "As long as they comply with Chinese laws and regulations, refrain from undermining China's national interests and interests of Chinese consumers, all Internet companies are welcome in China."

Long Zhou, Coordinator, Cyber affairs division of the Foreign Ministry, said China was "deeply worried that around the world cyber attacks are increasing".

"Cyber attacks, cyber espionage, surveillance have become major realistic issues confronting all countries," he said. "Countries in the whole world have increasing concerns in this regard. Cyberspace should not be a space of no laws. At the same time, the international community is also discussing about whether we should produce new international legal instruments to deal with the security situation in cyberspace. For example, how we can crack down on cyber terror or cross-boundary cyber crimes."

China appears to be canvassing support for its view of the Internet among like-minded countries such as Russia. Later this year, as China hosts the BRICS Summit, a working group on cybersecurity will also meet, said Long.

"As BRICS host this year, China stands ready to work together with Russia and other BRICS partners", he said, to explore partnerships on cyber governance.

The white paper said China's "plan of action includes promoting the building of rule-based order in cyberspace, expanding partnership with other countries, boosting institutional reform in Internet governance, jointly combating cyber terrorism and crimes, and protecting individual privacy in cyberspace."

Source: India Today

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